On his third album, Portal, Daniel Kelly steps into the breach with 17 wholly improvised pieces - some less than a minute long, others more than five. They add up to a complete and well-formed thought, imbued with mystery as well as technical rigor. Kelly’s sweeping arpeggios and reiterative left-hand accompaniments affirm a strong classical influence...There are flickers of Lisztian romanticism in ‘Turbulence’, Ravelian impressionism in ‘Removing the Veil of Illusion’ and Bartókian folklore in ‘Magic Circle Dance.
— David R. Adler, Time Out New York

Solo Piano concert

Daniel’s solo concerts bring the audience on a memorable musical and emotional journey, always charged with excitement and also with moments of reverie. Many of these are totally improvised concerts where Daniel and the audience are sharing a completely one-of-a-kind experience, never to be repeated.

His CD, Portal, is a completely improvised solo piano suite recorded in one sitting.  It was given a 4-star review by Time Out New York.

Kelly admires artists across genres who have embraced the polyphonic, orchestral nature of the grand piano, plumbing melodic possibilities, harmonies and dissonances, multiple layers and cross-references, rhythms and counterpoint to map otherwise inaccessible sonic spheres and mental spaces. But he imitates no one.
— Howard Mandel, Author of Future Jazz and Miles, Coltane & Cecil