One of the reasons this Rakonto project was so important: For these students, to have the opportunity to develop lyrics that then are taken by adult professional musicians and transformed into something larger and greater – is really incredible and part of the extraordinariness of this project.
— Ellen Kodadek, Executive & Artistic Director, Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts


For ALL students (not just musicians)


In this participatory residency, students will have an in-depth, interactive experience of turning their ideas & feelings into words, turning their words into lyrics, then making musical choices to hear how their lyrics will be turned into songs performed by professional musicians – right before their eyes in the classroom!

The students are deeply involved with the creation of music right in their classroom - adding input about they imagine their song should sound, telling the band what they feel should be the mood, tempo and style of the piece.

In addition to hearing the ensemble's vocalist sing their words, they will have the opportunity to recite their lyrics & poetry with the ensemble in the classroom and at a culminating concert.

The final concert can be recorded and made into a CD for the students to have a document of their music!

Daniel and his band members are all very responsive and receptive to working with students and non-musicians. They make them feel very comfortable and have shown that they want to make sure the student/collaborators have a positive musical experience.

Students DO NOT have to be music students. Daniel most recently completed residency was with an 8th grade English class.

This residency focuses on the act of "Arts Making" (from the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts).

This residency can be done as a:

  • DUO – Daniel (on keyboard) with a vocalist
  • FULL BAND (keyboard, vocalist, bass, drums)