Working with Daniel Kelly remains one of my most treasured career experiences.
— Amy Flack, Executive Director, Community Performance Series

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Concerts featuring voices and stories of YOUR community members!

Recorded interviews of YOUR community members are interwoven into a concert of original music by Daniel’s ensemble (violin, voice, piano, guitar, bass & drums) plus guest local musician. Concerts have featured the stories of farmers, fiddlers, historians, seniors & students.

What’s the creative process in creating a piece?

  1.  Daniel partners with a local cultural institution (Performing Arts Center) and they decide on a theme of the concert.
  2. Through the organizations connections and research, Daniel meets with several community members and records the interviews. In the past, Daniel has visited schools, senior centers, churches, synagogues, business owners, historians, etc.
  3.  Daniel goes home & listens to the interviews. Then he composes music based upon the conversations – inspired by the people and what they had to say.
  4.  Edited portions of the interviews are interwoven between the musical pieces. They usually preface the composition they  inspired.
  5. Daniel returns a couple months later to perform the final concert with his 5-piece band, featuring some of  New York City’s finest talents.
  6. When people come to the concert, they hear their own voices and those of their neighbors set in the context of a musical suite.
  7. In some instances, Daniel is able to collaborate with a local musician who performs with the group in the final concert. Guest have ranged from fiddle players to musicians who play the Chinese pipa.                                   

These works can be performed as set pieces or new pieces can be commissioned by performing arts centers focusing on a theme relevant to the community. 

Please contact Tiffany Goodman at Goodman Artists in regards to a new commission for your venue.