CLINICS and WORKSHOPS for musicians

As a New York City- based musician for the past 15 years, Daniel has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience he is excited to share with young musicians. He as performed with hip-hop star Lauryn Hill at huge arenas in Europe and play duet with avant-garde luminary John Zorn at his intimate club, The Stone, in New York City’s East Village. He has performed for the President of Costa Rica and for orphan children in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. These workshops will be fun, engaging and enlightening for all involved!

Improvisation Games – From COBRA to Conduction

Daniel will lead musicians in group improvisation experiences that will open their eyes and ears to an entirely new way of making music! They will participate in John Zorn’s famous game piece COBRA, learn some of the Conduction signals created by Butch Morris and even conduct the ensemble themselves! These and many other out-of-the-box musical games and approaches are an engaging and fun experience that they will never forget.

In the Moment

Some of Daniel’s most challenging and personally satisfying musical experiences have been totally improvised solo piano concerts. He has improvised solo piano pieces for audiences of up to 1000 people.

This workshop puts participants in uncharted territory while trusting themselves to be totally “in the moment.” Done collectively and mostly in darkness, musicians will engage in deep listening through guided musical meditations and find new ways to awaken spontaneous expression while playing their instruments.