Daniel Kelly’s Emerge Trio

Daniel Kelly’s Emerge Trio takes its name from their debut CD, Emerge, released on Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records. This jazz trio (piano-bass-drums) is infused with the energy of rock music, yet also incorporates Daniel’s background in classical music, creating a fresh new sound that pushes the boundaries of jazz in a fun, compelling and welcoming way for the listener.

Listen to Emerge here

Always surprising...Kelly isn’t content with following one point on the compass - his music goes in whatever direction his muse takes him, and every trip is quite eventful and eminently worthwile.
— J. Hunter, All About Jazz
Killer trio!
— Time Out New York
Daniel Kelly demonstrates real depth in his songwriting and plenty of chops in his piano playing...A U.S. State Department Jazz Ambassador who’s been successful in chamber music and film scoring in addition to most forms of jazz can make pretty much whatever record he wants to.For ‘Emerge’; Daniel Kelly chose to make a highly varied, challenging but listenable record.
— Something Else Reviews